About Us

We are a coalition of bear protection groups who are working together to protect black bears across Colorado. Our main strategies are based on (1) taking a proactive approach to keep bears out of town before they get into trouble, (2) collaborating with community, city officials and state wildlife managers, (3) finding innovative ways to protect bears, and (4) establishing a clear, solution focused, hard working, community voice for the bears.

Our vision is to use these strategies to bring communities across Colorado together, to share experiences to strengthen our local groups .


Brenda Lee, Founder & President Boulder Bear Coalition
Brenda is founder and president of Boulder Bear Coalition, a nonprofit that works to reduce human-bear conflict in Boulder Colorado. Boulder Bear Coalition works directly with their community, city officials and state wildlife managers to find effective ways to reduce attractants that bring bears into town. Accomplishments include driving the city to create a bear resistant trash ordinance, co-founding Community Fruit Rescue, planting native food buffer zones, and instituting bimonthly meetings with CPW and city officials to identify and execute proactive measures to reduce human bear conflict.

Odile Fazioni, Vice President Boulder Bear Coalition
Odile has played a critical role in the protection of black bears and reducing human-bear conflict in Boulder Colorado. She continues to use her compassion to help spread the efforts across Colorado. 

Bryan Peterson, Founder and President Bear Smart Durango
Bryan is the executive director of the nonprofit Bear Smart Durango, which offers solutions that work in addressing human-bear conflict helping keep both people and bears safe.

Daniella Kohl, Founder and President Roaring Fork Bear Coalition
Daniella helps protect the lives of bears by working on proactive measures to prevent and reduce negative bear-human conflicts and interactions.

Blair Norman, President Community Fruit Rescue
Blair leads hundreds of harvests throughout Boulder, significantly reducing one of the main attractants that lure bears into town. In addition to helping the community, and sharing the bounty with local food pantries, hundreds of pounds of nonhuman grade fruit is donated to the bears at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Dr. Stewart Breck, Wildlife Researcher USDA National Wildlife Research Center
Dr. Stewart Breck is a researcher for the USDA-National Wildlife Research Center and his research is focused on carnivore ecology and behavior and minimizing conflict between carnivores and people. Studies include testing nonlethal methods for preventing conflict, measuring the impact of carnivores on livestock, influence of urban environments on carnivore ecology, and population biology and behavioral ecology of carnivores.


We aim to have representation from every county in Colorado. If you have a bear group, would like to start a group or would just like to know more, please contact us -we’d love to connect!

What Boulder has achieved is extraordinary. If this can be done across Colorado, bears would greatly benefit.