Collaboration is essential

Collaboration is key to protecting bears.
To protect bears across Colorado, it is essential that community members work with city officials, and state wildlife managers to establish shared goals and strategies. Without collaboration between stakeholders there is division, misunderstandings and mistrust. Working together creates opportunities for community and city to take responsible steps to keep bears out of town and to decrease the need for CPW’s handling of bears in town.  

First Step: Identify role of each stakeholder: 

  1. Community: Role of community is to identify and reduce attractants in town, increase deterrents so bears are not comfortable in town, and advocate for policy that protects bears.
  2. City Officials: Role of the city is to set and enforce policy, keep the community safe, and respond to community values.
  3. Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Role of state wildlife managers is to keep people safe from wild animals and to handle wildlife as needed.
  4. Establish Working Group:  Role of working group (formed by representatives from the community, city and state) is to meet periodically, listen respectfully, be transparent,  brainstorm and implement ways to keep bears out of urban areas.  

Second Step: Establish network of bear protection groups across Colorado. 

  1. Identify a community bear group in each county in Colorado that has potential or current issues with bears.
  2. Work together to establish shared goals, and strategies to improve bear protection using collaboration, innovation, and a proactive approach
  3.  If you see your county on the map below and would like to know more on how to be a part of Colorado Bear Coalition, please contact us

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